HR Infrastructure: Success at Axxiom

“When I began my new role in the HR department, there were many rules and regulations—things like FMLA, for example—that were unfamiliar to us. Axxiom is a small company and we needed to ensure we were protecting the company, our employees, and following all the legal guidelines.  Unsure of how to get started, we retained the assistance of Achilles Group.

We began by working with Achilles to create and an employee handbook.  They provided us with the appropriate guidelines, audited our employee files for accuracy, and assisted us in developing job descriptions! They went above and beyond what was needed and were always available to answer questions. Even if my contact was traveling or out of the office, they always found someone who could help me!

I would highly recommend Achilles Group particularly for smaller companies like Axxiom that need HR guidance and assistance. We entered the situation blindly, but they guided us through the process to make sure we were doing everything by the book and avoided a costly audit. As far as I’m concerned, they were a God-send!”


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