Achilles Group is an organization that proactively delivers human resources expertise in a cost effective way. We take a professionally human approach by placing people, yours and ours, at the center of everything that we do.

Whether you need to leverage our expertise and best practices to enhance and support your current employees, or to effectively fill a key position, our keen understanding of your organization and its culture allows us to tailor a solution specifically for you.


At Achilles Group, we are Professionally Human. 

Strategic HR

Human interaction is our key to a successful relationship with you and your organization. We deliver HR expertise in a cost effective way to employers of all sizes that struggle with building and maintaining the HR infrastructure that is necessary to run and grow a business. To guide you through tough issues, other companies offer you "the next available representative, a template or a website link, but at Achilles Group we are all about people talking to people. We will tailor an HR solution specifically for you and your organization. We follow through ensuring your leadership will apply the tools they have been given and integrate them into their daily work.




We at Achilles Group believe the best way to encourage profitability is to develop and inspire your people. Our training programs equip your leaders to do just that. With the right coaching and skills development we can take those strong performers you want to promote and help them step up and contribute at a higher level.  At Achilles Group we gain a keen understanding of your organization and culture and are able to integrate our training with your business priorities, values and market drivers. We have a full array of resources to serve your HR Administrators, Frontline Leaders, Supervisors, Divisional Leadership and Executive Management.



Talent Acquisition

At Achilles Group, we feel that Talent Acquisition is more than a buzz phrase for posting a job ad and waiting for good candidates to apply. It refers to the process of finding and hiring right-fit, top performers that are the difference between success and failure for your business. To effectively fill key positions for you, we recruit like you would if you had the time: We review all candidates and look not only for the right skills but also make sure the position is filled with someone who will compliment your organization. We follow a specific methodology that allows us to gain a keen understanding of your company, your culture and the people your new employees will be working with to make a great match. Our unique approach and track record of success allows us to offer a five year guarantee.