Celebrate, Praise and Recognize Our People: Techniques to Weave CPR into 2020 Plans

CPR 2020 PlanningIn our last message, we described how we at Achilles Group use the label of “CPR” to remind us how vital it is for teams and organizations to Celebrate, Praise and Recognize people.  As a leader in your organization, if you want to revive your culture, practice a little CPR. Keep reading to learn more about how you can plan CPR into your business culture in 2020.

Over the next couple of months, you will likely hold some form of celebration around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.  Yet not all celebrations are built around good food, gifts and confetti.

With just a little planning and focus, we can celebrate meaningful business wins and accomplishments as they occur day by day. Initiate a simple “ring the bell” custom when you close the sale on a new account, complete a big project or win a key bid. It takes just a few minutes to stand up in the office and announce the win.  This could also be a virtual ringing of the bell via a quick e-mail blast or team text message.

Remind your team of how important it is to commend your people openly and often. Look at all your communication channels and map in a segment in each for success stories. Brief a core topic in a meeting so you can intentionally give honor to teams and individuals who moved the work forward and made good things happen relative to the P&L and business objectives.  Build an organizational discipline to share genuine praise around things that matter.

Condition the team to “see the good” and make provision for them to share appreciation. Establish a couple of paths to openly recognize each other on a regular basis. Include a team “kudos” segment and open the floor for cross-team sharing of appreciation. Leaders should join in just as anyone else and help bring positive affirmation into your business culture through the concepts of Praise and Recognition

A good business plan is constructed to encourage profitable growth, and effective CPR has a place in that plan. Bottom line, it costs nothing to celebrate, praise and recognize your people.

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