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An Employee Reflection on the Crest Management Strategy Alignment Success Story

This month, we shared a Strategy Alignment Success Story from one of our clients – Crest Management. They found themselves in the familiar predicament of companies experiencing fast growth… everyone was working in the business and no one was working on the business. As a result, Crest needed to identify key people to focus on the business through an organizational redesign.

Read here as our VP of HR Services, Kristen McGullion, reflects on Crest Management’s Success Story and why it is important to have the right people in the right places to align with your strategy.

“It was time for Crest Management to put together a strategy that placed key people in positions to focus on managing the growth of their business. This meant that an organizational redesign was necessary so that they could identify the employees who could take on executive management’s current workload in the business so that they (executive management) could focus on growth and working on the business. In situations like this, it is always imperative that the executive management team or business owner figures out how to effectively delegate so that they don’t become a bottle neck in the organization.
 It is important to note, that Strategy Alignment is the area of our Fractional HR model that aligns your cultural priorities with your marketing initiatives. In this instance, we worked with Crest Management to put the right people in the right places with the right focus in order to facilitate growth. Our next step with Crest is to ensure that the plan we developed together is executed and that those employees who now have new responsibilities have the training and insight to execute effectively.”
 Kristen McGullion, Achilles Group

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