3 Simple Terms for Success

A lot of folks throw around the words business strategy or organizational alignment or strategic planning. The reality is that the ability to draft a simple, direct set of plans or objectives based on a few core disciplines, can move your business forward in a positive direction

Don’t make it too complex! Keep your team on track with three simple steps – focus, tools and technique. Read more about how this framework can bring you Strategy Alignment.

  1. First of all, begin with the end in mind and focus on the key impact or action you want to encourage. Describe the objective in terms of specific measurable outcomes not broad generalizations. Your team must be able to recognize progress and know what levers they can pull to make a difference.

  1. Now, once you have a focus identified, take the time to explore what tools must be available to you and your team in order to attack that challenge. Tools may be a process, people resources, leadership competencies, systems, data sets, or even relevant research. Make sure you have done your homework when you are considering the tools required to support your focus.

  1. The third discipline is about technique. The ability to select and apply available tools with effectiveness. All of us have had access to great tools that we did not fully know how to engage.  That’s where technique comes in.  Equipping your people to use the tools with the right technique to move your strategy forward.

Achilles HR Professionals can facilitate discussions to help map out your strategy with a clarity of focus, the correct tools and the appropriate leadership and management techniques to equip your team for a successful journey.

Planning and equipping for the future.  At Achilles Group, we call this Strategy Alignment!

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