Achilles Tools to Help you with the Family First Coronavirus Response Act

FFCRAAs of Wednesday, April 1, the FFCRA is in effect and we all must comply with the provisions for both the EFMLEA and the EPSLA. If you do not know what these all involve by now, please give us a call and we can help you catch up to the details.

And for those of you that have looked into these laws and understand them, but your payroll system is not set up to track these special eligibility situations and the associated costs we offer three elements of support:

  • We designed a set of instructions, Letters and Request Forms to handle employee leave and sick pay requests and eligibility approvals.
  • We built an Eligibility Tracking Sheet and guide to help you keep up with all of the individual employee eligibility statuses.
  • If you need help tracking the projected and actual costs associated with each approved situation, we have a well-constructed Cost Tracking Spreadsheet for that purpose.

If any of these can be of help to you during this time, please contact Jennifer Heylmun at 281-469-1800 to learn more about the Achilles Rapid Response Service.

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