20 Years of Faith, Honor and Gratitude


On Valentine’s Day, 2022, the Achilles Group celebrates 20 years in service to business leaders across Houston.

We understand that our mission to “Equip and Encourage Leaders to Make Smart People Decisions” is entirely dependent upon the collective strengths and work ethic of our people. And reaching a 20-year milestone is evidence that the Achilles culture of innovation, hard work and passion to make a difference is at the heart of our success. As owners and caretakers of the business Dan Calvert, Kristen McGullion, and I serve as examples of the diversity of thought and varied backgrounds that makes our group effective.

Dan came seasoned by roles in a large-scale organization with deep experience in both Operations Management and HR Leadership. Dan brought a love for the outdoors and a sportsman’s common sense, integrity, and strength of character. And Dan’s well-timed habit of saying what needs to be said kept the team and business together during some tough times.

Kristen came to the Achilles Group as a newly minted A&M graduate. She took an entry level position and invested daily with good humor, a competitive spirit, and a determination to grow no matter what. Kristen worked her way through nearly every functional role in the business to become an obvious addition as an owner and trusted partner.

I came to Achilles Group with a blended background in operations, HR Leadership and Social Services. Kristen and Dan were my first two contacts in the business. I am very grateful that my path crossed theirs and I am honored to serve in partnership with these two amazing people.

Today we reflect on our 20-year legacy of fantastic colleagues past and present. We are a unique collection of capabilities, passions, and experience; joined by a shared commitment to do the right thing, say what needs to be said and to keep an open mind and heart. Though we each see the world from very different perspectives we collectively share the vision of “Giving HR a New Name Through a Professionally Human Approach”.

We celebrate our 20th year as the Achilles Group with faith in God, honor for each other and gratitude for the clients who place their trust in us.

Enjoy this day and keep looking up!




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