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What is Achilles Fractional HR?

What is Achilles Fractional HR?
Over the years, we have realized that many of the business leaders we have met and worked with want the very best HR management structure for their organizations.

However, most situations we have encountered warrant the need for multiple levels of HR skill sets that are not commonly found in one person. And, finding that ideal mix of expertise or making the investment in multiple HR people can be daunting for most companies. So, we have developed a "Fractional HR" concept that provides our clients with that ideal mix of expertise without making the investment in multiple HR people.

For example, your company may only need part-time HR support that an HR coordinator could handle 90 percent of the time. The other 10 percent of time involves crucial situations that require HR director-level expertise. Hiring someone with deep experience to do a part-time job wouldn’t be very cost-effective. But you also don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have the experience to handle the most important situations.

Our unique methodology is a collaborative approach that starts with identifying your specific needs. We then apply a percentage of our focus on each particular level and type of HR expertise necessary to satisfy your conditions. Fractional HR allows us to proactively deliver human resources expertise in a cost-effective way.

To learn how our Fractional HR approach can help you, click here or talk to one of our experienced HR professionals at 281-469-1800.
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