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What is a PEO and How Does it Work?

A Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, is a human resources provider that bundles payroll, employee benefits, basic HR administration, and worker’s compensation services together. Though this type of offer might sound convenient, many businesses don’t realize what they are giving up when they hire PEO companies.

Upon entering a contract with a PEO, your employees become their employees, allowing them to assume limited liability for employment and compliance risks, forcing your company to adopt their policies and practices with little opportunity for customization. As your business grows and your needs become more complex, you inevitably encounter greater strategic HR challenges that PEO companies are not equipped to handle. They may offer HR advice as part of their bundle because it is expected of them, but it’s typically not their core competency nor a revenue-generator for their organization.

Achilles Group differs from PEO companies in three major ways:

  • Our Level of Expertise
  • Our Proactive Engagement Model
  • Direct Accessibility to Your Assigned HR Director

Because we are not providing payroll and insurance products, Achilles Group is able to focus solely on your people and conduct a deep and thorough assessment of your organization through our Fractional HR approach. Achilles Group’s service is not reactive. Instead, we are proactively and intimately engaged in your organization’s overall HR health and best practices. When employee issues arise, our keen understanding of your company and its culture means our advice is tailored to your company and its unique needs.

Alternative HRO Options - ASO, PEO
Success Story: Gajeske

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