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The Story of The Man and The Birds, Merry Christmas!

Many stories are heard and told during Christmas, including stories of Santa and his reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman. Hallmark movies depict romantic fairytale endings. Comedies portray the joys and struggles of the holidays.

But most importantly, every year, we hear the most impactful story the world has ever told. Jesus, the Son of God, the newborn King, was born in Bethlehem to die for our sins.

This depiction of an all-powerful God choosing to take human form doesn't always make sense to a lot of people.

The famous radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey, shared the beautiful Christmas story, The Man and the Birds, live on air over ABC Radio on Christmas Eve, 1965. This story shows why it makes perfect sense for God to come to earth, as a human, as one of us.

We hope this uplifting and heartwarming story, told only like Paul Harvey could, brings joy to you this Christmas season, and reminds you of the true meaning of Christmas.

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