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The 7 Habits Book Series Review: Habit #7 – Sharpen The Saw

Sharpen the Saw

The Achilles Team recently read through "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey. Last week we discussed the sixth Habit “Synergize”. Covey’s final Habit is “Sharpen the Saw”. This habit is all about preserving and enhancing the best parts of yourself. Covey looks at four aspects of our nature: physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional/social.

Physical: What are you doing to take care of your physical body? Are you eating healthy foods? Are you regularly exercising? Are you getting enough sleep at night? Just 30 minutes a day of working out will increase your cardiovascular health. Exercise, as well as getting enough sleep and eating right, have an incredible amount of benefits. The overarching benefit being that you will feel better and able to do more and enjoy life more.

Spiritual: Spiritual renewal will lift you up, bring you inspiration, and eternal truths. Many people find spiritual renewal in their faith, in contact with nature, in literary works or in music. Covey warns his readers that Spiritual renewal takes work and consistency.

Intellectual: Our intellectual abilities are often neglected once we leave or graduate from school. How often do you read? As a whole, our society rarely reads. We are neglecting our intellectual abilities by not reading! Covey encourages his readers to study issues that are outside the scope of their activities. The more we know, the better off we will be. History repeats itself - if we are knowledgeable about different issues, it will just make life and challenges easier. So even though you are no longer a student, we must never stop learning, and studying, reading and writing.

Social/Emotional: For some, social/emotional may be the simplest aspect to conquer. Make sure your people tank is full. In other words, make social and meaningful connections with others. Be active and creative in the ways you connect with your colleagues, your family members, and your friends. In general, take deep concern in people around you.

The growth of an individual and the effectiveness of an organization is dependent on the development of these four aspects. Rozlyn Veteto, Achilles team member, comments, “It’s so important to continually encourage growth in our personal lives. By sharpening the saw, we will not only preserve and grow the best parts of ourselves, but we will become a stronger asset to our team."

We always reap what we sow! The hard work does pay off.
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