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Stop Chasing the Purple Squirrel. Do These 4 Things Instead.

Stop Chasing The Purple SquirrelAs a business owner, it’s easy to get stuck in a hiring tailspin when looking for your next employee. In a perfect world, the “right” candidate, or what we like to call “Purple Squirrel”, would deliver their resume straight to your inbox within hours of posting your job, checking off every box and meeting every requirement for the position. In reality, hiring is often much more complicated.

When essential attributes get lost in looking for your next perfect hire, follow these tips:
  • Determine the “why” behind your hiring decision and focus on the business needs that are driving your quest. Are you in need of an extra set of hands? A new skillset your business is currently lacking? Knowing your “why” will streamline hiring efforts and help you find your candidate sooner.
  • Instead of seeking a mix of incongruent skillsets in one person that doesn’t align functionally with the strategy of your business, evaluate how you can tap into the talents of your current team to accomplish your needs.
  • Direct your focus on identifying the essential duties, skills and attributes your business can not live without in your new hire. These should be focused, non-negotiable attributes, not a wish list of “Purple Squirrel” desirable qualities.
  • Equip hiring managers to be flexible, and keep in mind the essential duties of the role, skills and attributes absolutely needed versus what can be trained or taught. It’s important to focus on the cultural fit of this new candidate and how he or she will work with your current team.
If you’ve read through these tips and are intrigued, know that we can partner with you on your hiring journey. Achilles Group’s team of talented human resources professionals has the tools and resources necessary to help you find your next great hire. For more information, contact us and set up a Discovery Session to get to know you, your business and your unique needs.

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