Recruiting Effectiveness: Create Sustainability

So, you’ve successfully hired and on-boarded your newest employee. You might think the recruiting process is complete and it’s time to resume your normal job responsibilities. And while part of that is true, the recruiting process is an ongoing initiative.

What can be done to proactively educate managers on recruiting practices? The answer is to maintain support for managers through ongoing education and training. The approach and execution will vary by organization, but it’s important to have processes in place to continually equip hiring managers with the latest tactics and tools. This will enable managers to stay one step ahead of the competition and successfully attract and retain top-notch talent.

A few examples of ongoing training topics include employment law, interviewing best practices, cost-of-hire analysis and how to write an effective job advertisement. Another channel of gathering and sharing information is through a candidate survey. The feedback gathered can be a catalyst for improvement of current hiring processes. Most successful organizations are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. The job market is currently tight all across the U.S., so your hiring practices and procedures need to be rock solid and should evolve over time!

If you’d like to learn more about ongoing training for managers in your organization, please contact us and we’ll work together to set up a Discovery Session to assess your needs.

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