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Recruiting and Your Brand

Recruiting and Your Brand
Your website is great, your jobs are posted, your candidate tools and company information are ready. Now continue to represent your brand during the rest of your recruiting process.  While you're selling your company as the Best Place on Earth to Work, be sure you represent your brand in the most professional manner possible.

To help you along the way, below is a list of interviewing behaviors candidates who answered a survey found
The Most Annoying:70% - interviewers who were slow to follow up, schedule the next step, and/or arrive at interviews
57% - interviewers who withheld information about the position
51% - interviewers who turned the interview into a
cross-examination47% - interviewers who appeared unprepared for the interview
43% - interviewers who asked questions unrelated to the job
Stay mindful of the good brand you have built and you'll continue to recruit great people.
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