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Proactive Response, The Achilles Way

Achilles is driven to plan and initiate solutions across all areas of service. And, when the unplanned occurs, we engage our team’s extensive experience to provide what we call a Proactive Response. This means that when we intervene to put out a fire, we also dig in to address the root cause. Employee relations issues, team or individual conflicts, claims of harassment, disruptive behavior and serious disciplinary challenges are all symptoms of gaps in one or more areas of leadership, accountability, policy, practice, standards and technique.

The value Achilles Group brings is to first effectively resolve these situations and then put practices in place to address the core gaps and avoid disruption in the future. You and your leaders may at times get caught off guard by discrimination claims, personal health circumstances, threats of violence, high-risk terminations, substance abuse, misconduct and performance or respect issues. Some of your leaders may find themselves in difficult and uncomfortable territory with these distractions. Time and again we see these kinds of
challenges across all our service areas. Our experienced team is very well equipped to address both the incident and the cause with our Proactive Response and Professionally Human approach.

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