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Focus on Recruiting Effectiveness

Focus on Recruiting Effectiveness
Recruiting strong talent to your team takes so much more than just posting a job ad and interviewing candidates. Recruiting Effectiveness is one of the four focus areas of our Fractional HR model.  We bring the expertise and resources to install Recruiting Effectiveness as a competitive advantage.  We partner with your leaders to build a solid recruiting game plan and then help you make the plays that win.

Finding and retaining talent is crucial.  Through discovery and engagement we come to know your business culture and from this vantage point we customize a plan and partner with you to upgrade process, tools and technique to fit the current and future needs of your business.

Our Fractional HR model will help you fill in the missing pieces of your recruiting strategy and give you the tools you need to successfully find, hire and onboard the best players for your team. And we continue as a coach and ongoing champion of your recruiting effectiveness.  Together, we ensure your leaders develop an ownership mentality and embrace their responsibility to drive all aspects of this critical competency.

We also recognize that leaders can become over taxed with multiple business responsibilities and not always able to give recruiting their full and best attention.  And in these circumstances, the Achilles team can step in on an hourly fee basis and recruit like you would if you had the time.

Achilles Group can help your business gain a competitive advantage through Recruiting Effectiveness. Talk to one of our experienced HR professionals today at 281-469-1800.
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