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Encouraging Teamwork at Work

Great teamwork is a catalyst for success in any organization. But it doesn’t always come easily, and needs to be fostered and encouraged in order to thrive and grow People Performance. Below are four tips for creating a culture of teamwork in your organization.

It Starts at the Top – it’s difficult to foster a teamwork environment when leadership is consistently scattered, unorganized and not on the same page. The whole “do as I say and not as I do” mantra just doesn’t cut it in the workplace. Instead, lead by example – establish good teamwork as an expectation for leadership and everyone else in the organization.

Communication is Key – regular, consistent communication and feedback is critical to the success of any team. This can be achieved through regular meetings, emails, brainstorming sessions or through workplace messaging tools such as Slack. Though team members won’t always agree, it’s important to work through differences and come to an agreed-upon solution so the team can move forward.

Set Common Goals and Purpose – create common goals that every team member can contribute to and work towards. Make sure these goals are clear to each employee of the organization. Doing so creates purpose for the team, and also allows for recognition of individual contributions.

Offer Opportunities for Informal Social Gatherings – mandatory team building activities and formal office gatherings can often be awkward and uncomfortable. Not to mention there’s the potential for them to go horribly wrong. Instead, organize more informal social occasions for employees to engage in a low-pressure setting. It doesn’t have to be a lavish event – a nice luncheon or dinner at a restaurant will do the trick.

Interested in learning more about teamwork and how it can help People Performance in your company? Contact us and we’ll set up a Discovery Session to assess your needs.
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