Did college prepare you for your job?

Yes – but in a circuitous way.When a colleague asked me to write on this topic, I thought to myself, “Man that was a long time ago!”  I am so glad I do not have to wake up in a panic, stick my head in the shower and run to class every day!  Then I realized that though I left college behind I am still in school every single day.

My major was  Sociology, so I was drawn to a lot of social services work; runaway teens, abused kids, mentally disabled adults were my “clients.”  These experiences drove into me a lot of stamina, patience, awareness and commitment to making a difference in small and large dramas of every day living. Today I know that I am blessed by my path and the mix of school and work. I engage from an HR and business perspective to help leaders gain the awareness, patience and skills they need to develop and inspire growth in their people.
This morning I came into the office, surrounded by colleagues who routinely make me smarter, faster and stronger as a resource for our clients.  I am grateful for daily learning and that path through school.  I suggest that working as you learn is the best way to grow and prepare for what you were meant to do.

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