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Did College Prepare you for your Current Career?


College classes helped me realize my goal of being a high school football coach and director of live plays.. After spending the first seven years of my career doing that, I applied the leadership skills I learned from being a coach and the sales/social skills I learned from directing plays into a sales career in the Oil and Gas Industry. I was not sure that the transition would be smooth, but I could not have asked for a better career for myself.

That being said, the most crucial skill I took away from college was a deep awareness of social skills. Yes I learned to drink beer through a funnel, but I am speaking of the vast number of social interactions that took me from being an idiot freshman having a good time to that 5th year senior who was balancing his athletic career with his internship with an Oil Company. I went from being nervous and awkward around girls to speaking with other soon-to-be-graduates about entering the Oil and Gas industry. Not only did I learn who I was in that period of time, but I learned how to present my self to my peers and my leaders.  I still happily use all those skills today in Talent Acquisition. — Jamie

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