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Client Success Story: Smartbridge

Smartbridge logoSmartbridge is a Houston-based organization dedicated to simplifying business transformation, and applying thought leadership and innovation to bring their customers’ digital agendas to reality. We began working with Achilles Group two or three years ago, and since working with them, our business has grown in tremendous ways.

We are a very process-oriented company, and Achilles Group has helped us streamline our processes to make them more effective than they were previously. We have introduced several new programs, including a mentorship program and weekly training sessions called Bridge Sessions that provide our employees with continuing education. In addition, Stan has worked with us on leadership training and other strategic initiatives.

Since partnering with Achilles Group, our employees feel more confident that if there’s something they feel uncomfortable with, they can reach out to Monica, our advisor, and discuss it with her. Management also feels more confident knowing there is someone they can reach out to who is knowledgeable of the risk factors and legalities related to human resources.

If you are a business or organization that is considering a partnership with Achilles Group, please know that doing so is probably the best investment you can make. It has been a great investment for us, as the return we have experienced is invaluable.
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