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Case Study: How Achilles Group Saw 40% Reduction In Claims Spent In Year One


First Year Results 

Client: Achilles Group 
Member since: 2016 
Membership: Primary365 with a level self-funded plan 
Achilles Group saved $300 per employee in claims spent in year one.


Achilles Group is a human resources management company based in Houston, Texas. They offer a unique approach to HR business solutions by designating an HR professional to manage the relationship, work directly with the leaders, and create custom solutions for organizations.


“Regardless of size, direct primary care is foundational in designing a high-performance health plan – employer built, not carrier built.”
– Michael Avenevoli, Broker

When evaluating their benefits strategy, they worked with an experienced broker at Higginbotham, to build a powerhouse health benefits strategy. As a fractional HR expertise provider emphasizing direct relationships, Achilles Group knew they wanted their health benefits to reflect that same value...


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