Business Plans Need Focus

Just as the December cold snap can leave our gardens in disarray, with soggy stems, mushy ground cover, and forlorn flower beds, our business plans can encounter similar challenges. In both cases, we must embark on a process of rejuvenation and nurturing.

Firstly, we need to clear away the debris and make space for new growth. Just as we tidy up our gardens to let in the sun’s rays, in business, we must streamline our operations and eliminate unnecessary clutter to allow for fresh ideas and opportunities.

Once the groundwork is prepared, it’s time to focus on the fundamentals. In the garden, this involves watering the roots and cultivating the soil. In the world of business, it means revisiting our core strategies and investing in the foundational aspects of our plans, such as product development and customer relationships.

Consistency is key in both realms. By consistently tending to our gardens, we witness the remarkable growth of our plants. Similarly, by providing ongoing attention and effort to our business plans, we can achieve significant progress and success.

Tips on how to focus on business planning:

  • 1. Sort through priorities and shine a spotlight on the most important initiatives. Establish a process with key leaders from each functional team to brainstorm which priorities need to move forward, and collectively set sequence according to urgency and importance. Review trends and targets using key metrics. Collectively suggest and identify lead indicators that drive numbers as these are predictive and influenced by employees’ efforts. Establish the top priorities at an overall business level, and set a regular cadence of meetings for updates and accountability.
  • 2. Assign a driver for each and empower them to pour resources into the effort. Equip and encourage the key people responsible for pushing the initiatives forward with the talent and resources needed to accomplish the goal.
  • 3. Mix in collaborative perspectives and energy to feed the initiative. Diversity of thought makes an organization stronger by providing varying perspectives and fresh ideas. Collaborative teams build momentum and create the energy needed to move key initiatives across the finish line.
  • 4. Be ready to embed fresh ideas and techniques. Listen for and embrace the innovative ideas and methods that are created through the collective efforts of your team.

Every season has its challenges, yet the disciplines that produce growth do not vary. The nurturing and revitalization we give to our gardens parallel the care and attention our business plans sometimes require. Just as we witness the beauty of blossoming flowers, our businesses can thrive when we provide them with the same treatment and dedication.

Our plants need water, and our business plans need focus.

Achilles Group is a team of HR experts here in Houston ready to provide guidance to equip and encourage your leaders to make smart people decisions. 

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