Annoucement: HR Infrastructure Is Now Risk Mitigation

Anyone familiar with Achilles Group knows that we spend a lot of time and focus in the four core areas of our Fractional HR approach: People Performance, Recruiting Effectiveness, Risk Mitigation and Strategy Alignment.

Today, we want to announce an evolution in that focus, specifically regarding HR Infrastructure as the core area. We are moving away from HR Infrastructure as a core area, and replacing it with Risk Mitigation, an area that is of great importance in Human Resources.

If you think about the HR Infrastructure component of what we do, it certainly is about building fire walls and compliance structure in terms of policy and procedure that mitigates risk. Our goal is always to help our clients avoid getting into potentially risky situations in the workplace through training, and by putting proper procedures in place to reduce the chances of risky situations arising in the first place.

As our perspective evolves, it has become clear that is exactly where we’d like to place major emphasis – on risk mitigation. It means so much more than policy and compliance. Risk Mitigation includes effectiveness in our approach to working with our employees. It’s doing a great job on the selection process of new employees before they start with your organization. Training managers and other employees in leadership positions to proactively recognize areas of risk.

To be clear, HR Infrastructure is still a focus, but will be interwoven into our processes instead of a core area. We look forward to expanding our resources into Risk Mitigation, and using these resources to help our clients reduce risk within their organizations.

If you have questions about Risk Mitigation, or would like to learn more about how this core area can help you, please contact us.

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