Achilles Group News: Heat-Related Illness

OSHA Reminds Texas Employers that Record High Temperatures Can Put Employees at Risk for Heat-Related Illnesses


Don’t Let the Heat Beat Your Business

As temperatures rise in the summer months, it’s essential to keep employees whose roles are impacted by heat safe and healthy to keep your operations moving. Heat-related illness can lead to costly medical leaves and lower production. OSHA’s implementation of a National Emphasis Program (NEP) in April has been restated by a subsequent press release urging employers and their teams “not to ignore the dangers of working in hot weather – indoors and out.”

There are simple steps your business can take to avoid heat-related illness for employees working outdoors or in indoor environments that produce high heat. Achilles Group is here to advise you on protecting your team and your profitability.

Click the Link Below to Read the Article:

OSHA Reminds Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas Employers to Protect Workers From Heat-Related Illness


Our Designated Consultants will review your policy and training to ensure you are protecting your employees from heat related issues. Prioritizing your employees health will protect your organization from medical leaves and reduced productivity. Achilles Group is your guide to ensure your business is running effectively and protected from HR related risks.  




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