A Different Approach to Employee Development Plans

When interviewing for a new position, prospective employees are very likely to ask what your company has to offer them in terms of career path and professional growth. They may ask if you create individualized Employee Development Plans for each team member, as well as how you implement these plans.

Many people think of employee development plans as a way to identify and remediate performance gaps by focusing on what an employee is lacking. Achilles Group handles the Employee Development Planning process a little differently. We are firm believers in equipping and encouraging. In an effort to equip your team members with the skills needed to excel in specified areas, we help you design a plan that focuses on building their strengths. Building upon existing strengths gives your employees the confidence to learn new advanced skills. With this approach, your investment in their professional growth makes them feel valued and motivated.

Don’t lose out on a promising prospective team member because you have nothing to offer them besides a salary. Make sure you have an impressive answer for how you can help them further their career, as well as a plan to follow through and deliver.

Contact Achilles Group to learn more about how we can help you grow your business by acquiring, cultivating and retaining exceptional talent. We will set up a Discovery Session to determine the best strategy and Employee Development Plan approach that is unique to your organization.

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