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A Christmas Moment!

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Last Christmas we shared an uplifting and heartwarming story as told by the famous radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey, The Man and the Birds, live on air over ABC Radio on Christmas Eve, 1965. This story shows why it makes perfect sense for God to come to earth, as a human, as one of us.

Since then, much has happened, and in various degrees we have been covered with the dust of uncertainty, fear, stress, and deep heart ache. We all need the peace that comes with the true meaning of Christmas, and yet our day-to-day is overburdened with the cares of this world.

KSBJ radio shares a pledge that goes as follows: “I need Joy, and when I keep my eyes on Jesus, I have Joy. When I lose it, I will choose it, I choose Joy.”

The Achilles Team believes that each of us, and all of us, have tremendous opportunity to influence others with a positive message. Our encouragement this Christmas season is to choose joy and to practice a few random acts of kindness with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Moments of kindness that, in simple truth, transcend all the noise of our time. Embrace a Christmas Moment and create Moments for others.

Christmas was born in the moment that an all-powerful God chose to take human form and bring light into a dark world. The light that casts out darkness is reflected through our acts of kindness.

That is still a Christmas Moment meant for today.

From all of us at Achilles Group, have a Joyful Christmas!

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