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How can Fractional or Outsourcing HR help grow your business?

How can Fractional HR or Outsourcing HR help grow your business? 

1. Outsourcing will equip your business with a team of HR experts that contribute broad and deep knowledge and workstreams that no single person has the bandwidth to cover alone.

2. A proactive Fractional HR team offers flexible, scalable, and responsive guidance that focuses on growing profitability through your people at a cost-effective investment.

As any business attempts to scale, it must undergo critical change to meet business goals.  Any decisions that the business leaders make in order to move the needle will have a direct or indirect impact on an organization’s people.  Having a skilled human resources professional leading your people function can be key to helping your business and your people successfully navigate organizational change.  By choosing a fractional HR partner, rather than going to market to hire your HR head, you can capitalize on their expertise without the overhead and expense of an internal hire.

Simply put, fractional HR is when a company opts to outsource its HR function.  Your business, rather than choosing to hire an HR professional or build out an HR department, opts to work with a consulting firm to develop and execute on your people operations, processes, and procedures.

Is the fractional model right for your business?  The role of human resources has changed dramatically—but has your company kept up? Today, the best HR partner serves as a trusted advisor to the CEO and a key member of the leadership team.  And small to mid-sized companies can only sometimes commit to a full-time resource from a cost or volume of work perspective. This is where the fractional HR model may be the best solution. As your business evolves, you will need talented human resource professionals who can navigate complex HR issues and provide strategic advice, so you can focus on running your business.

Having an external human resources partner, like Achilles Group, can provide a much-needed fresh perspective on addressing the challenges in your business.  At times, it’s easy for organization founders and leaders to do things the way they’ve always been done, without recognizing the detrimental impact it’s having on the business and its employees.  Your fractional HR resource can provide unique and innovative solutions that will finally help your organization move through the obstacles holding it back from meeting its full potential.

When someone thinks of an HR consultant, they often think of someone who may need to be fully engaged with an organization. That’s not the case. A fractional HR group acts as a readily available, flexible, and seamless part of a leadership team, a driving force to the success of your business, and promptly available for leaders.

This pandemic has brought a new dynamic to business. We have learned that you must have the ability to be flexible or pivot your business quickly and effectively. As businesses ramp back up, the new norm is trending towards increased usage of fractional staff members.

Contact Achilles Group to learn more about how fractional HR services can be tailored to your business needs.

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