Why Hire a Fractional HR Team

Why Hire a Fractional HR Team

In smaller businesses, many team members have multiple hats. Rules and regulations are a big part of human resources. No matter how small or large you may be, the government doesn’t care. The law is still your responsibility. It is easy for small businesses to become frustrated and use Google or LinkedIn to find answers making it even more frustrating for small businesses trying to find the “correct” advice for the situation This is where fractional HR services and guidance can come in handy.

What are Fractional HR Services?

Fractional HR services put your small business’ HR resources at your disposal. Achilles Group is a team of experts. They are experts in the law and can assist you with compliance. These are just a few reasons small businesses should hire fractional HR services.

1: A dedicated team to support your internal resources

One HR professional can often wear multiple hats, even in a small company. Human Resources professionals are typically responsible for managing personnel and the daily operations of a business. They are responsible for hiring, onboarding employees, continuing training, vacation requests, and providing support to employees in personal and professional matters. They also coordinate with other departments.

This is too much for one person, and it is difficult for small departments to keep up with federal and state changes. Your human resources personnel will benefit from fractional HR services, which provide a wealth of experience and knowledge without needing vacation days or sick leaves.

2: We are more than one person we are a support team

Seasons change, and depending on your business, you might need more support at different times. Your team can rely on fractional HR services to help them when overwhelmed. Fractional HR services can help your company fulfill certain functions that it may not be able to perform in-house.

If you own a snow plowing company, you will likely have a busy hiring season during the fall and winter months. However, you may need less help in spring and summer than landscaping companies.

3. Looking outside your box for solutions

There is only one constant: Everything is changing. Human resources are complicated, with many moving parts. While you are busy working, keeping up-to-date with the latest regulations is essential. Knowing that an external resource is available to alert you when a regulation or rule changes, you can have peace of mind.

4. Help solve problems

Achilles Group is a company that has seen it all. Our team can help you solve any problem that your company may face.

5. Neutral Guidance

Sometimes, business owners are too closely connected to the problem to see all possible solutions. Perhaps an independent investigation could bring about a quick and fair solution. Fractional HR services allow your business to have a third-party objective look at your workplace when there is a problem.

Conclusion: Fractional HR Services

According to Indeed, the average salary for a Human Resource manager is around 76,000.00 per year. Achilles Group can help you outsource human resources for a fraction of the cost. We will be there when you need us. No vacation or sick days. We will be there for you whenever you need us. Achilles Group is committed to helping your business succeed.

In business, it is rare for one person to do great things. Learn how Achilles Group can assist you today. To get started, please get in touch with Achilles Group.

About Achilles Group:

Achilles Group is Houston Based, Outsource HR Firm that is dedicated to Training and Developing Leadership in Houston. Our Fractional HR Consulting method is the key to our success.