Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting refers to employee disengagement in which team members cease going above and beyond the job requirements and only do what is necessary to keep their jobs.

“Quit Quitters” are those who refuse to do more than is required, even if they get paid for it. They also believe that “overworking” will cause them to lose their mental health or work-life balance.

Why are people quiet quitting?

This idea was born from a group of Gen Z workers who said they don’t believe in the 24/7, all-day, above-and-beyond work lifestyle their parents accepted. These young people say that they will do what is necessary, but they aren’t going to climb the corporate ladder.

It is a problem.

Although quiet quitting can help with burnout temporarily, it’s not a long-term solution. This is essentially removing all emotional investment in your work. It is unhealthy and sad, given that so many of us spend so much time at work.

What can employees do to address it?

Efficiency is critical – If you want to be quiet, your work hours should be maximized. Keep learning from others and developing new skills. Avoid negativity in the workplace that may influence others around you.

Take Ownership of your happiness. Quiet quitting is a form of bitterness and resentment that people engage in toward their employers. They may use it as a way of getting back at them. But the truth is quiet quitting stems from a feeling of pain from being under-appreciated and overworked. That’s not what anyone wants. This is not a human condition people want to find themselves to be in.

Find out what is causing you to feel burnt out and why you should resort to quiet quitting. Many people are quick to tell you that they are unhappy. But why? Find your “why” and do the work.

Talk with your boss – Be honest about your current needs and challenges. The needle won’t move if you don’t have these conversations or just silently check out.

What can employers do to address it?

Quit-quitting is an employee’s cry for help. It is essential to understand why they have given up. The workplace will never be the same after the pandemic. People have changed. The workplace must catch up. Quiet Quitting is not about burnout. It’s about appreciation.

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