How HR Consulting Works and Why You Need It

Our businesses are always in a state of growth, challenge, or transition, so the structure and focus of our Human Resources plan must adapt. It takes careful planning, execution, and effective human resources management to minimize employment risk, engage and support employees, and foster a positive work environment. Leaders at all levels need guidance to navigate the path to profitability, and as businesses evolve, owners recognize that their internal HR competencies are stretched thin.

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1. HR is often an add-on to a person handling a hybrid set of responsibilities…

Businesses are often in one of the following situations:

HR is often an add-on to a person handling a hybrid set of responsibilities, and though committed, there is typically a gap in specific HR knowledge and experience.  In these situations, the organization faces either recruiting for an advanced-level HR contributor or adding in a person with some basic HR skills in the hope that they will grow into the role. 

The problem is:

A high-level hire is more costly than needed.  A basic-level hire may lack the confidence and experience to rise to the challenge, and when faced with a more complex or high-risk HR issue, there is no one on the team to help coach or provide the needed guidance and strategic vision.

2. HR gaps are filled by project-based work…

HR gaps are filled by project-based work contracted on a temporary or seasonal basis.  HR initiatives are broken down into piecemeal tasks and are checked off as disjointed projects.

The problem is:

Project-based options may help with narrowly defined “scope of work” situations but do not afford the flexibility and ongoing HR presence for day-to-day needs.  Project-based or temporary solutions are not connected with your leadership and lack familiarity with your business and culture.

3. The current HR role is outpaced by company growth…

The current HR role is outpaced by company growth.  Additional manpower is required to cover the workload and add strategic components for growth.

The problem is:

Staffing a full HR department is costly, requires management, and may not provide all the expertise needed from general to strategic HR workstreams.

A more profitable path…

A more profitable path is to engage one of the most flexible and cost-effective external options through an HR Consulting Firm where an outsourced partner is engaged to work alongside your existing staff. Your HR Consulting Partner should deliver an ongoing multi-level, multi-disciplined partnership that provides a holistic range of services such as:

A more profitable path – bullet points

  • continuous coaching and equipping leaders/managers
  • organizational communication to all levels on “Why It Matters”
  • workforce alignment issues and opportunities
  • core HR policy and process development 
  • compliance audit and best practices to protect the business
  • role clarity and career progression
  • development/embracement of company culture
  • performance management for employee growth and team capacity
  • design of effective functional teams and roles 
  • successful recruiting/onboarding process
  • employee relations and high-risk issue guidance/resolution
  • compensation philosophy and incentives planning

The essence of the HR partnership approach…

The essence of the HR partnership approach is to link your leadership team with Fractional HR consulting group members so they can draw upon broad and deep HR capabilities in real time. The consulting HR team becomes an integrated resource familiar to your leadership so they can readily connect and deliver timely support in alignment with the current state of business, culture, and people needs.  With a Fractional HR partnership approach, your business does not have to employ a full-time, high-level resource or a fully staffed HR department to gain the benefits of:

The essence of the HR partnership approach – bullet points

  • responsive, expert advisement
  • design, build, and roll out of HR tools and process
  • training that develops your organization’s leaders as well as your less experienced internal HR incumbent

When your business experiences growth…

When your business experiences growth or transition, an outsourced HR solution helps you navigate the changing HR landscape. Engaging a true, proactive HR partner is a value-add way to fill in the gaps in your organization’s existing human resources structure to ensure that not only the day-to-day challenges are addressed, but the strategic alignment of your greatest asset, your people, is aligned with the profitability of your business.

Achilles Group is designed to be your trusted partner to build your foundational HR framework and drive strategic initiatives necessary for your business. We are a team of HR professionals located right here in Houston with over 20 years of experience working personally with business owners and leaders to navigate the human side of the business, so people are engaged, and operations are profitable.

About Achilles Group:

Achilles Group is Houston Based, Outsource HR Firm that is dedicated to Training and Developing Leadership in Houston. Our Fractional HR Consulting method is the key to our success.