Achilles Group

The Beginning

Achilles Group was established in 2002 with the idea of providing Fortune 500 human capital expertise to small and mid-sized businesses through a “shared services” model.

Achilles’ current generation of HR professionals have evolved the shared services model and created our own “Fractional HR” approach which allows us to engage as a blended team to provide broad and deep HR expertise customized to your needs.

Our Mission

Achilles Group aligns people with strategic business objectives through innovative HR, Training and Recruiting expertise.

Our Vision

Team Our people are our most valuable asset. We relate as colleagues, and, as such, we are counted upon to share knowledge, to inspire each other to be the best we can be and to pursue relationships based upon trust, respect and freedom of expression.

Profit We seek to attract and inspire people of passion that are committed to doing work that makes a difference and contributes to our profitability.

Customer Service Our Fractional HR approach allows us to collaboratively be stronger, smarter, faster and more effective for our clients.

Work-Life Balance It is a core business practice to help our colleagues embrace priorities of responsibility, professional growth, personal achievement and family.

Approach We engage an innovative, client-centered planning technology and tailor our approach within a flexible, scalable portfolio of HR, Training, and Recruiting services designed to achieve business results.

Partners One of our core strategies is to nurture a strong and diverse network of partners, suppliers and executive members of our client companies.

Core Values

Integrity – Do the right thing even when nobody is looking.

Accountability – Embrace feedback and accept ownership of our actions and decisions.

Excellence – Seek to do the right thing in the right way at the right time to achieve superior results.

Commitment – Concentrate on the end in mind and follow through.

Collaboration – Come together to create the best outcome.

Joy – Allow passion and enthusiasm to overcome monotony and difficult situations.

Courage – Stand up for what is right; respect and ethical conduct.

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