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Achilles Group is an organization that proactively delivers human resources expertise in a cost-effective way. We take a professionally human approach by placing people, yours and ours, at the center of everything that we do.

Where other companies give you the next available representative, templates and website links to complete many of your HR tasks, Achilles Group is people talking to people.

Our commitment to discovery gives us a keen understanding of your business and its culture, and allows us to tailor a solution specifically for you. Human interaction is our key to a successful relationship with you and your organization. Yes, we are real people here in Houston who want to learn what is important to you and your business.

Fractional HR

A Cost-Effective Houston Human Resources Solution

Most organizations have a need for multiple levels of HR skill sets that are not commonly found in one person. Finding that ideal mix of expertise or making the investment in multiple HR people can be overwhelming for most companies. Our “Fractional HR” concept provides the ideal mix of expertise without making the investment in multiple HR people.

The level of HR talent you require will vary. Through Fractional HR, Achilles Group is able to engage as a blended team to provide broad and deep HR expertise customized to your unique set of needs.

In addition, we have effectively captured human resources best practices through our combined years of experience as a team, and created a repository of tools, policies, procedures and select services with this knowledge. We take great pride in our ability to tailor these tools to fit you, your culture, your voice and your specific situation to achieve superior results. This is just another powerful example of how we proactively deliver human resources expertise to you in a cost-effective way!

Is Fractional HR Right For You? 1

Is Fractional HR

Right for You?

It is if you have recognized the need to alleviate the emotional pull of HR activities from yourself and your organization!

Unlike a PEO or ASO, Achilles Group is a human resources outsourcing firm, or HRO. We will build a cohesive best practices framework of People Performance (including Employee Development Plans), Recruiting EffectivenessHR Risk Mitigation and Strategy Alignment to grow and protect your company at all levels, whether you are just starting a business, or restructuring a multi-generation company.

Our unique methodology is a collaborative approach between your organization and ours that starts with identifying your specific needs. We then determine the percentage of focus on each particular level and type of HR expertise necessary to satisfy your needs.

With Achilles Group and Fractional HR, you get a designated HR professional who will manage the relationship, work directly with your leaders and partner with other Achilles colleagues to create custom solutions for your organization.

And, when the unplanned occurs and your leaders are caught off guard by discrimination claims, medical leaves, high-risk terminations, misconduct and performance or respect issues, we engage our team’s extensive experience across all areas of service to provide what we call a Proactive Response.

This means that when we intervene to put out a fire, we also dig in to address the root cause. The value Achilles Group brings is to first effectively resolve these situations and then put practices in place to address the core gaps and avoid disruption in the future.

Let’s Get Started!

Using our Engagement Work Session (EWS), we identify the areas of your business that need improvement and utilize our Fractional HR approach to put your business back in tip-top shape.

Our EWS involves an interactive audit—skillfully carried out by our team of HR professionals—aimed at discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your HR strategy.

Once the EWS is completed, the results of the audit will be compared to HR benchmarks and used to formulate your plans going forward based on both risk factors and organizational needs.

Stronger, Smarter, Faster As A Team.

Achilles Group is a team of accomplished human resources professionals that has taken the concept of teamwork, and elevated it to the next level. While we are all HR generalists by trade, each of us specializes in an area of human resources expertise. We speak of ourselves as working stronger, smarter and faster as a team. It is this mentality that enables us to deliver superior human resources support and gives us the fluidity to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and industries.
There is strength in numbers: together we work with you to identify issues, discover solutions and create opportunities. While individually we each excel at going above and beyond, it is collectively as a team that we shine the brightest. This teamwork mentality is pivotal to not only our success, but yours as well.

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Meet The Team

hourly recruiting - Stronger, Smarter, Faster As A Team 4


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