Shayna Cohen

Shayna is a dedicated and detail-oriented Human Resources professional with a proven track record in efficiently managing the employee lifecycle. Having started her career in staffing, she quickly discovered her passion for human resources and evolved into a multifaceted HR practitioner. Shayna has a knack for building strong relationships and a commitment to excellence in managing all facets of the employee experience. Shayna’s experience with a wide range of industries such as energy, real estate, food production, aviation, and landscaping has allowed her to develop a versatile skill set and a comprehensive understanding of diverse business environments. This positions Shayna as a valued HR  professional with the capability to navigate and contribute effectively across various sectors.

At Achilles Group, Shayna enjoys collaborating with the team and brainstorming how to solve problems and mitigate risk. Eager to take on new challenges, she approaches each task with enthusiasm and a proactive mindset. Shayna’s philosophy revolves around planning for the unexpected, always ready with well-thought-out action plans to address any situation. She is driven by a genuine passion for human resources and a belief in its transformative power within organizations.

In her free time Shayna enjoys cooking, running, and watching the Astros win with her husband and two daughters.