• Lonestar Cowboy Church

    Posted on 04.25.2019

    Achilles Group and Lone Star Cowboy Church have grown up together in many ways. Stan Spaulding, owner and managing member of Achilles, has been a friend of the pastors at our church for many years. As the cowboy church was getting its start, Achilles was getting started as well, and Stan would generously offer his assistance with little things like handbooks and issues with hiring. However, as both groups continued to grow, we became more fully engaged, and Stan began to help us structure our leadership in a clear and organized manner.

    Stan really took the lead on reworking our functional organizational charts and organizational charts. He was able to take everything we do as a church and create specific lanes for each team member to focus on, which has really made an impact. As we were developing that, we discovered other things that we hadn’t dealt with properly, especially on the executive team. With his help, we were able to establish our roles much more clearly, which trickled down to the rest of the staff.  Although this has been a time-consuming endeavor, the clarification of goals and expectations has brought a lot of understanding and unification to our team.  Confusion has been replaced with a sense of community.

    We would describe Achilles Group as thorough, quick to respond, and eager to serve their clients.  They are the most collaborative group we have ever worked with, and they are always willing to share feedback both ways. They don’t bring their agenda to you, they let you bring your agenda to them and then figure out how they can assist you, which is a really unique approach to business.  We cannot adequately explain the purely positive impact Achilles has had on the growth of Lone Star Cowboy Church, and we highly recommend partnering with this group as a wise investment in your business. Relatively speaking, even if you hired an HR Director, we don’t think there is any way you could duplicate what you’d get from the Achilles Group and the impact they are going to have. They help us do what’s important and ignore that which is not.