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Are You Just Giving Recruiting Effectiveness Lip Service?

When it comes to recruiting effectiveness, the only solutions most businesses utilize are outside recruiters, headhunters and temp to perm arrangements. And though the use of these vendors can add value in select situations, none of these business models lend themselves to the deep understanding and familiarity of your organization required to discover, employ and retain good people.

Unfortunately, most businesses lack a focused, on-going initiative or the internal dialogue necessary to build a strong internal recruiting competency. When the topic of finding the best and brightest comes up,the approach is often very reactive. Frequently, an ad is haphazardly placed and the responsibility is delegated to various front line supervisors to handle the rest. They work on their own, without a clear focus, the required tools, the coaching or the consistency of technique to effectively fill the vacancy.

How Strategic Should Your Recruiting Approach Be?

At Achilles Group, we encourage and even insist on recruiting effectiveness becoming a vital component of your business strategy.

We recognize that your frontline leaders know the work demands of your current team and are therefore best positioned to determine the right skills profile and fit factors required of prospective team members. And we also recognize that they need help, focus, structure, tools, coaching and direct timely support.

We begin with a series of discussions designed to clearly understand your business culture and your current recruiting approach. With this information, we are able to advance a holistic effort that equips your team with process, tools and techniques needed to fit the current and future recruiting needs of your business.

After this activity, we then continue as a coach and ongoing champion of your recruiting effectiveness. Together, we ensure your leaders develop an ownership mentality and embrace their responsibility to drive all aspects of this critical competency.


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