• Recruiting Effectiveness at OGsys

    Posted on 07.16.2018

    Last month’s Success Story featured OGsys and their experience with Achilles Hourly Recruiting.  OGsys President, Chuck Blanton, is back this month to share his thoughts on how Achilles Group’s Recruiting Effectiveness has impacted their business during an important time of new product development.

    36169804 - silhoutte of girls climbing on rock at sunset. in the background gabelhorn - swiss“Our need for a new manager arose at a critical point during the development of our new cloud-based software, OGpro.  Being that we are a software company, our business is highly technical.  We were looking not only for someone with the right technical skills, but that would also be a valuable addition to our management team.  Achilles Group collaborated with us to develop a customized strategy to attract candidates with the technical skills, management experience, and personality traits we were looking for. Achilles facilitated each step of the process and worked with our staff to ensure that we were putting our best foot forward as a company.  Monica and Courtney coached us on interview techniques and ensured we were creating a great experience for each candidate from the moment they entered our office.  As a result, we were able to secure a top candidate.  The strategies implemented by Achilles have certainly had an immediate impact, but will also add lasting value.”

    “Monica and Courtney of Achilles Group are a valuable part of our team- as coaches and collaborators.  Achilles Group has made a large impact on our team and our business.  If you are looking for recruiting assistance or have other HR needs, I would recommend you give them a call.  Ask them to come out and conduct what they call a SEA (Strategic Engagement Assessment).  You’re sure to be impressed.”

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