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We’re Discontinuing Our Hourly Recruiting Service

Never heard of our Hourly Recruiting Service? No need to worry! Now is your chance to get to know our new recruiting service, TalentConnection.

You might be asking, what is TalentConnection? We're happy to tell you all about it! We've come to realize that the former name of our recruiting program, Hourly Recruiting, doesn't fully describe what it is we've been doing for our clients. Because of that, we've revamped the program name to give it a better fit. It's the same great service as before, with a more appropriate name!

While previously only available to current and select former clients, as more and more clients have taken us up on the offer and seen the impact of getting the right person in the right seat, we've decided to open up this service to anyone who might benefit from it.
The feedback we received from our current and former clients that have used this service is that our deep understanding of their companies and values allows us to quickly identify talent that is right not only in terms of skill set, but also cultural fit. And the savings your business will realize versus using a typical recruiting service is extraordinary. In fact, click here and see for yourself.

In the coming weeks, we'll supply you with further details about the program, including real-life examples of companies that have benefited from TalentConnection. When you're ready to fill your next position, think TalentConnection and reach out via email, or by phone at 281-469-1800.
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