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The Company’s Most Valuable Asset – Its People!

An Employee Reflection on the Crest Management Success Story

This past month, we shared a Success Story from one of our client’s – Crest Management. We focused on the work that we did to help improve their People Performance through job descriptions. Now that you’ve heard the client’s perspective, we’d like to share an Employees Reflection on why we concentrated on job descriptions as a way to begin the process of investing in and inspiring their people.

Read here as our VP of HR Services, Kristen McGullion, reflects on Crest Management’s Success Story.
Crest Management needed our help outlining roles and responsibilities, as well as setting expectations for their people. A job description accomplishes this by outlining the job at hand and setting expectations within the description to hold people accountable in their roles. 
It is important to note, that People Performance is the area of our Fractional HR model that focuses the most on a company’s most valuable asset, its people. In order to have a company full of great people, you must have a solid leadership team that values the importance of growing, developing, holding each other accountable and equipping people with the tools they need to do their job and do it well. Crest Management put in place the tools that their people can now use to help them grow, develop, and ultimately flourish.
          - Kristen McGullion, Achilles Group
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