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Is Your Recruiting Strategy Paying Off?

So, if your company works really hard to identify your mission-critical talent needs, produces targeted ads, sorts and screens the responses, selects the top candidates, then extends the offer and closes the deal, you’ll be successful, right?No, not necessarily. In fact, more often than not, management teams fail in their recruiting efforts due to lack of follow-through and intentional activity after the job offer is accepted! Establishing continuous feedback in the new hire relationship and an ...

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How Achilles Group Acts as Both Your Teammate and Coach

Fundamentally, leadership is all about getting others to follow the course you set with full competency and commitment. However, the challenge of a leader is that you’re often too busy to sit down and engage your team in a way that allows them to understand your goals and align under the same strategy, so it helps to speak to the experts!Strategic Alignment—the Achilles Way—begins with a disciplined approach to organizing priorities in a clear, concise way. Achilles Group’s HR Professionals can ...

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Humility Is the Key to Rewarding Feedback

Seeking feedback from your employees requires both humility and recognizing your own room for growth, your motives are also equally as important.  For example, do you really want to be great at what you do, or do you want to be seen as great? That distinction is important because it requires the willingness to give up the illusion of positional power in exchange for the ability to be aware of areas of needed growth.If you truly want to be a strong leader, helping others increase their influence ...

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How to Prepare Your Company for Inclement Weather

When bad storms occur, your business should be prepared and adapt accordingly. Below are a few tips to help you get ready: 1. Have a plan. What’s your evacuation procedure? How will your employees be informed of office closings? Who’s in charge of shutting everything down? Make sure that everyone receives clear and concise communication regarding your company’s policies so that they know what to do. Ensure that you have all of your employees’ contact information in easy to get to place so you ca...

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Spotlight on: Kristen McGullion

Meet Kristen McGullion! Kristen began her journey with Achilles 11 years ago this May as an Employment Coordinator and today serves as Vice President of HR Services and a key multidimensional contributor to our Executive team.Kristen’s first job out of college was here at Achilles Group right after graduating from Texas A&M with a Human Resources Development degree. As the Employment Coordinator, she was actually placed onsite at the client’s headquarters where she managed everything from re...

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Welcome to our new website

Our website received a fresh, new look this week. It’s mobile-friendly, easier to navigate and you might even see yourself on the home page!Other key features include: Fractional HR page. The results of our most recent client survey indicated that nearly half of clients thought it was hard to understand what we do just from visiting our website. We had to fix that! This page explains our customized approach to HR services. Success Stories. See what current and past clients have to say about us. ...

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Small Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale plays a huge role in the overall success of a company and effects employees' tenure and company culture.  When employees are happy, they are more productive.  They want to do a good job which intern improves the company culture.  There are several things that employers can do that don't require a lot of time or money to ensure they have good employee morale.Recognizing when someone has done a good job really goes a long way.  This can be a simple atta boy/girl or a quick email re...

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Simple Tips to be Healthier at Work

As we enter the second month of the New Year, it’s the perfect time to focus on a healthy workforce. You don’t have to be in the C-suite to promote a culture of wellness at work. Anyone can implement these small, healthy changes and invite their colleagues to do the same: Take walking breaks. Prolonged sitting is associated with increased disease risk. Get up from your desk and on your feet once an hour. Walk a lap around your floor or walk to a co-worker’s office instead of picking up the phone...

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How was your latest Team Building Experience?

Yesterday the staff at Achilles Group spent the day at The Houston Zoo. We beared the cold, sang and laughed, saw some truly majestic creatures, talked to the animals, learned the difference between a sea lion and a seal, competed with the other teams and got to know each other a bit better. By the way, the primates were smarter than we were. They stayed inside! Zoo tip: The hot chocolate at the zoo is superb!

Strange Resume Components

This is the truth. No lie. Really. I was hiring security people for my company a while back. An item under one resume's "Skills for the Position" section read: "I was convicted of murder and that will make me a great Security Officer." No interview necessary, --- Jennifer I think email addresses on resumes are often entertaining. One candidate, whose name was Dusty, used this email address: [email protected]*****.com.Gotta love it! He got an interview. --- Kathryn

Corporate Christmas Fun

I had never experienced Secret Santa - as an adult, any way. Last year's event didn't disappoint!I happily found a new little gift every day on my desk. What fun to find a new pencil, post-it notes or fist-full of candy canes! My "big" gift was a wooden wall hanging that I display photos on in my home. And my Secret Santa created it herself!If you think this is kids' stuff --- you're right! Aren't we all supposed to have a bit of kid in us at Christmastime? --- Kathryn