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Don’t Do HR for HR’s Sake

Don’t Do HR for HR’s Sake
This month’s focus has been on HR Infrastructure, which is the very foundation of an HR program. One of the first things that comes to mind when people think of HR Infrastructure is policy: the mutually agreed-upon playbook and the guidelines that shape the employer/employee relationship. However, at Achilles Group this goes beyond mere policies and guidelines to create a stable platform for employees to contribute, grow, and interact with people in a profitable, respectful, and productive environment. Below are some tips for improving your HR Infrastructure:
  • A company that is “doing HR for HR’s sake” is a company that is out of touch with its people. Achilles Group resists doing HR for HR’s sake; instead, we support you by asking the reasons “why” to understand the expected outcomes and help put you on the path to success.
  • Clarity is key. To avoid confusion and establish core business expectations for your employees, your company’s HR Infrastructure should be clear and consistent. This also helps you avoid or mitigate unnecessary risks.
  • People matter. While focusing on business goals and results is important, your people will still remain your greatest asset. A company that thinks about engaging employees and retaining them long-term is one that ultimately has the business’s best interest in mind. Our approach to HR Infrastructure recognizes the importance of both people AND profit.
At Achilles Group, we are Professionally Human!
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