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Applicant Interviewing "Don'ts"

Applicant Interviewing "Don'ts"
"Don't"  Number One -  Showing No RespectOne of the quickest ways to run off a great candidate is to cancel the interview at the last   minute because you're disorganized or your day has run away from you.
Don't leave them waiting for you in the lobby past the interview time for "oh so important" you to finally show up. You're telling candidates as loudly and plainly as possible that the job candidate isn't important and that you and your company don't value the people who work for them.

"Don't" Number Two - Rushing the CandidateCandidates, employed or not, will take time to prepare for and go to an interview with youdon't rush. If you spend the first few minutes of the interview looking over the resume, then rush through a few superficial questions and don't take any notes --- the candidate can get turned off.
Acting like you have more important matters to attend to will not win you favor with any candidate or anyone they talk to!

"Don't" Number 3 - Opening your Mouth and Closing your EarsNobody likes the bore who goes on and on about their job, school, life, what they had for breakfast, blah blah blah and monopolizes the entire interview.  This interviewer doesn't find out anything about the candidate.
When the candidate is prevented from telling their story and asking questions, s/he can't find out what they need to know about the opportunity and is unable to make a truly informed decision.
Stay tuned for your next applicant interviewing tip!

"Don't" Number 4 - Interview or Torture?A terribly complicated interview process isn't impressive.  Candidates know they may have to go through two or three interviews before getting an offer, but if your process takes weeks or months you may lose them.
If a good candidate has to meet everyone and their mother, make a presentation and take assessments for hours, you may be sending them the message that your company's focus is on outdated procedures and not on attracting, hiring, retaining and inspiring it's people.
Be thorough, but be timely and catch the best fit for the job the first time!
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