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A Client's Perspective on TalentConnection: OGsys

A Client's Perspective on TalentConnection: OGsys

OGsys provides user-friendly, intuitive oil and gas accounting software that accelerates answers to critical questions impacting their clients' daily productivity and overall success.  Take a look at what OGsys President, Chuck Blanton, has to say about Achilles Group services, specifically TalentConnection. 

"At OGsys, we have embraced every IT advancement, whether hardware or software driven, with the goal of providing the absolute best product to our clients.  OGpro is the next generational step in our ever-reaching effort to provide the ultimate in oil and gas software. In fact, it is the industry’s first and only true cloud-based oil and gas accounting software solution.

The challenge we faced prior to meeting the folks at Achilles Group, was acquiring the talent to help us pull off this game changing feat.  Achilles represented that they were going to take the time to understand our business and our culture prior to trying to find great teammates for us.  The others just wanted to present resumes to us without really understanding who we are as a company.

We’re actually using Achilles Group for a lot of HR related activities.  However, in addressing our talent needs, we have used their TalentConnection offering to sift through resumes, conduct phone screens and forward notes to us about each candidate.  This not only saved us valuable time, but they are also much better at this than we are because our core competency is software development.

Monica and Courtney are true HR professionals that really care about us and our business…they are an important part of our team.

Ask them to come out and conduct what they call a SEA (Strategic Engagement Assessment).  You’ll be impressed by the people areas of your business needing help that is uncovers."

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