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4 Steps to Better Hiring Results in Today’s Talent Market


 Hiring in a Competitive Job Market


We get it – good people are hard to find, especially in today’s tight labor market. And it’s vital to your organization’s future to find talented people that will contribute to its success.

In current times, qualified candidates apply to multiple opportunities, and this applies across the spectrum of experience and industry. Below are a few simple tips to improve your success in attracting and closing the right fit for the right role.


1. Plan focused time Set aside scheduled time: Time is of the essence, so review incoming applications daily and reach out quickly to each candidate that is qualified.


2. Simplify and Incentivize the Process  Condense, reward, and clear description: Involve team members and decision-makers in a panel interviewing format to shorten the interviewing process and facilitate timely decisions. Incentivize your employees with a referral program as they are great ambassadors and advertisers for your business. Have a well-thought-out job description and understanding of how the role functions in your business before you start advertising the position. Determine the key attributes, knowledge, skills, and abilities the ideal candidate needs, and then decide what is a plus and what can be taught.


3. Flexibility  Flexibility on candidate criteria: Expand the scope of your search to non-traditional candidates. After identifying the key essentials of an ideal candidate, look at experience from roles in industries you would not normally consider. Candidates may have transferrable skills, duties and responsibilities that could be an asset to your organization, and they may be looking to enter a new field and eager to accept a novel opportunity.
Flexibility for interview scheduling: Most qualified candidates looking for new opportunities are currently employed. To facilitate the interview process with these desirable candidates, provide opportunities for interviews outside of business hours. Isn’t it worth it to take an interview at 5:30 pm on a Tuesday or a Sunday afternoon to find that perfect fit?
Flexibility in work environment: Many candidates have experienced working from home due to pandemic conditions. If you can consider a remote or hybrid work environment, it appeals to the work-life balance that many candidates are seeking.


4. Commitment is Key  Commit to hiring: If you’ve identified an individual who meets the necessary qualifications and is a good fit for your organization, don’t hesitate hoping more candidates come your way. Use your best judgement on the current candidate and take action! There is no guarantee that another two or three applicants may apply before the candidate you like has received another offer. The temptation to compare a few candidates can be difficult to resist but can lead to losing great candidates to other opportunities.


Achilles Group provides HR services to help you make smart people decisions.
Our HR outsourcing model is the most cost-effective approach to attract and hire the talent you need to drive profitability.
As a team, we learn your business, what you produce, the services you offer and how you make money.
We design a recruiting process and toolkit and then engage our HR expertise to ensure your hiring managers are well equipped to attract, interview, and select the right fit talent you need.


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