Achilles Group

Our Motivation

We design and build a best in class Risk Mitigation plan both as your foundation for growth and as a firewall to mitigate employment related risks and protection against loss.


Our Approach

We work to install effective policy, process efficiencies, improved HR workflow, updated and streamlined tools, clarified leadership / HR Roles and engage technology partners where it makes sense to enhance your payroll, benefits and administrative transactions.  Please note that we focus on HR competencies and while we deliver advisement and support we do not directly take on the transactional aspects of your payroll, benefits or administrative functions.

Our Commitment

We will collaborate with your team members and designated administrative employee to create and implement all HR related policies and procedures.  Your administrative employee keeps things running and we will encourage their growth, provide HR development, training, coaching, mentoring, compliance guidance and a quick connect advisor when things get risky or challenging.

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