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From the moment we meet you we begin discovery and seek to truly understand the scope of your needs. We continue with discovery throughout our sales process and base our proposals and pricing on the specific need areas and HR elements that you share with us in our focused conversations.

And, when we are honored with an engagement agreement, we continue to dig deep into your business and HR needs through a special organizational assessment format we call our “SEA”, our Strategic Engagement Assessment.

This interactive assessment is automatically included in your services as a new client and paves the way for Achilles Group to bring forward a set of value added recommendations and to work collaboratively with internal HR and the Senior Leadership team in implementing HR initiatives.

The SEA covers the entire framework of Risk Mitigation, Recruiting Effectiveness, People Performance and Strategy Alignment.

Achilles Strategic Engagement Assessment

A team of HR professionals from Achilles Group will engage in an interactive audit aimed at discovering our client’s strengths and potential gaps in their comprehensive HR Strategy. Our in-depth discovery includes reviewing current materials and meeting with HR and senior leaders of the organization to examine all aspects of Human Resources ranging from the tactical administration of HR policies and practices to the more strategic aspects of recruitment, leadership development, performance management, goal setting and executive planning. The results obtained from this audit will be compared against HR benchmarks and be used to prioritize plans going forward based on risk and organizational needs.

Other Specialized Organizational Assessments

HR Team Assessments – This customized assessment engages a supportive, tactful and highly interactive approach to deliver an executive report and full analysis of the current state HR Team. Findings will include team strengths, gaps and opportunities to contribute more effectively to internal customers. When requested, will also include an independent initial impression of the incumbent competencies, department structure, capacity to fulfill core responsibilities and to drive forward looking business objectives.

Culture and Employee Relations Assessments – a multi-step assessment designed to capture structured feedback from a representative cross section of all work groups. Includes 1:1 interviews, facility walk through, an executive debrief and a facilitated work session to outline initial priorities and follow up objectives.

Individual Assessments

We often say that we can train for technical skills, but not for interpersonal skills. Assessments assist in helping to determine one’s interpersonal skill set, and in some cases, their technical abilities.

Assessments are tools and not tests. Individuals self-report measures of what might be called traits, temperaments, or dispositions.

The benefits of using assessments include an increased ability to predict probable attitudes and behaviors that could ultimately influence the individual’s success or failure and, therefore, impact the company’s profitability and efficiency.

We use assessment tools in a purposeful manner. It is critical to have a clear understanding of what needs to be measured and for what purpose.

Why Do Individual Assessments?

Selection – A properly developed and applied assessment tool may provide a way to select successful sales people, concerned customer service representatives, and effective workers in many other occupations.

Placement – Assessment may provide information that helps organizations achieve the best fit between employees and jobs.

Training and Development – Information gained from skills testing can be used to design or modify training programs. Test results also help individuals identify areas in which self-development activities would be useful.

Promotion – Organizations may use assessments to identify employees who possess managerial potential or higher level capabilities, so that these employees can be promoted to assume greater duties and responsibilities.

How Many Types of Personality Assessments are There?

There are many types of assessment tools. Achilles provides guidance and access to assessments organized under three categories. Each category type is designed to measure specific attributes and to reveal potential issues and areas to explore:


  • Communicating, relating, interacting with others and teams
  • Response to structure and change, making decisions, work life balance
  • General reasoning, problem identification, problem solving
  • Behavioral tendencies, approach to work and authority
  • Personality styles, thinking styles, creativity
  • Job fit, work style and job criteria match, motivation triggers
  • 360 Feedback instruments, leadership competencies and work place behaviors
  • Mental agility, change management, leadership and sales profiles

Workplace Tools

  • Accounting fundamentals, terminology, AP/AR, billing, posting, payroll, payroll taxes
  • Depreciation, inventory, tax , concepts, codes, chart of accounts, GL, financial statements
  • Basic computer literacy, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook, general applications, file management
  • General administrative and clerical skills, typing skills, data entry skills
  • Basic language, grammar, vocabulary, composition, filing, sorting, attention to detail

Analytical & Problem Solving

  • Verbal reasoning, mathematical/logical reasoning
  • Overall mental aptitude, adaptability, cognitive style
  • Assertiveness, risk-taking, originality
  • Strategic reasoning, tactical reasoning

Bottom Line, Why Assessments?

Assessment instruments, like other tools, can be extremely helpful when used properly, but counterproductive when used inappropriately. Often, inappropriate use stems from not having a clear understanding of what you want to measure and why you want to measure it.

Having Achilles Group engaged ensures your team will develop a clear understanding of the purpose for using an assessment and will support you in selecting the appropriate tool to meet that purpose.

We develop assessment strategies with a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills, abilities, characteristics, or personal traits you want to measure. And we will help guide you to an appropriate assessment tool.

We use only reliable assessment instruments that provide dependable and consistent information.

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