• Develop and Encourage Profitability

    Posted on 07.19.2017

    Have you ever heard someone refer to their job as “just a support role”, or “an administrative position”?  Our focus as Leaders is often fixated on the sales, technical and production roles and we unintentionally overlook the needs and potential of those we assign to “support roles”.  The reality is that administrative and supportive jobs are just as critical to success as is a key component to the operation of an engine.

    Accordingly, Leaders need to assign focus to the development of these support roles and ensure each person can relate to the big picture of profitability.  Through the processes and routines that they drive and manage we achieve cost controls, cost reductions, data collection, documentation and compliance, all of which have huge implications for profitability.

    At Achilles we know that the best path to profitability is through a Leader’s ability to develop and encourage growth in their people. 

    A Leader that embraces the responsibility to develop and encourage growth in their people, regardless of level or role, is a Leader that recognizes and incentivizes profitable activity and also has the tools available to address behavior that gets in the way of profitable outcomes.

    At Achilles Group, we focus on both People Performance AND profitability. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your business achieve more!

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