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  • Escaping the “Wave” with Hourly Recruiting

    Posted on 06.19.2018

    Have you ever felt that the day to day running of your business takes up all of your time? That you couldn’t possibly add anything else to your plate? Operating in the ‘whirlwind’ is exhausting and draining. You may think “if I just had more hours in the day, I’d be able to do it … Continue reading

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  • A Client’s Perspective on Hourly Recruiting: OGsys

    Posted on 06.13.2018

    OGsys provides user-friendly, intuitive oil and gas accounting software that accelerates answers to critical questions impacting their clients’ daily productivity and overall success.  Take a look at what OGsys President, Chuck Blanton, has to say about Achilles Group services, specifically Hourly Recruiting. “At OGsys, we have embraced every IT advancement, whether hardware or software driven, with the goal … Continue reading

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  • The Job Market is Heating Up

    Posted on 06.05.2018

    Better than anticipated results were reported on Friday regarding the US job market.  According to a recent Houston Chronicle article, “Employers added 223,000 jobs last month, more than economists expected and a pickup from April’s hiring rate of 159,000.”  Today, the US Department of Labor released more data.  “Never before have we had an economy where the … Continue reading

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  • The #MeToo Movement

    Posted on 05.31.2018

    At Achilles Group, we are dedicated to designing and building a best in class HR Infrastructure both as your foundation for growth and as a firewall to mitigate employment related risks and protect against loss.  With the rise of the #MeToo Movement late last year, we watched as sexual misconduct allegations against several high-profile men like Kevin … Continue reading

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  • HR Infrastructure: Success at Axxiom

    Posted on 05.16.2018

    “When I began my new role in the HR department, there were many rules and regulations—things like FMLA, for example—that were unfamiliar to us. Axxiom is a small company and we needed to ensure we were protecting the company, our employees, and following all the legal guidelines.  Unsure of how to get started, we retained … Continue reading

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  • Risk Mitigation- Build a Firewall

    Posted on 05.04.2018

    Everyday over 1 billion people drive a vehicle for work, school, or leisure. Often on auto-pilot, we pay little attention to the individual parts of our car, unless of course we run into a problem! Without even thinking about it we trust that all of the parts are working and keeping us safe as we … Continue reading

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  • People Make or Break the Company

    Posted on 04.23.2018

    We’ve all heard it before: “A company’s most important asset is its people.” Because of this sentiment, it’s a tricky balancing act for a growing business to add more people to the team while simultaneously preserving their culture. In the past year, I’ve worked with many clients in this exact same position, but we’ve partnered … Continue reading

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  • Commitment to Raising the Bar on People Performance

    Posted on 04.16.2018

    At Achilles Group we engage to make a difference through our unique Fractional HR business model, our expertise, teamwork and professionally human approach.  And we take a lot of pride in our commitment to provide encouragement for leaders at every opportunity.  Now before this gets labeled as a soft, indulgent or a touchy-feely approach it … Continue reading

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  • People Performance Drives Profitability

    Posted on 04.09.2018

    At Achilles Group we work hard to impact People Performance as a catalyst for profitability. We have worked with thousands of leaders and seen the good, the bad and at times the ugly impact of poor leadership.  And we are driven to influence every leader we encounter to learn what it takes to become an … Continue reading

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  • How We Set Your Business Up for Success

    Posted on 03.14.2018

    Simply put, leadership is communication, and it’s Achilles Group’s passion to help your leadership communicate better both one-on-one and across your organization to preserve and build upon the best aspects of your business heritage. We understand that vision without accountability and discipline is just hopes and dreams, so we have a team with the knowledge … Continue reading

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