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  • Effective Recruiting Is More Than Meets the Eye

    Posted on 02.21.2018

    Sometimes you can’t see a problem until someone from the outside points it out, and that’s particularly true in the recruiting process. What may initially be a good recruiting strategy for your company could also slow you down as the company gets larger. We wanted to provide you with an example that you might be … Continue reading

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  • How We Back Up Your Front Line

    Posted on 02.20.2018

    Achilles Group is committed to producing a great market response to your recruiting ads by implementing a well-structured process, a commitment to hire at targeted salary levels, and effective job postings. However, that means our clients must be well-equipped to manage the response pool, conduct interviews, identify top candidates, approve finalist offers, and close the … Continue reading

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  • A Sweet Announcement from Achilles Group

    Posted on 02.13.2018

    On this Special Valentine’s Day, Achilles Group celebrates 16 years of service to our clients. We are very grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and for our talented group of people who make it all possible.  Kristen McGullion is one those amazing people, and she has provided us yet another reason for celebration. … Continue reading

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  • How We Make Recruiting Effectiveness a Key Part of Your Business

    Posted on 02.07.2018

    Every business owner knows how critical it is to attract, hire and keep good people, yet most don’t fully appreciate what it takes to become effective at recruiting. While outside recruiters, headhunters, and temps are often very valuable, they don’t always lend themselves to a deep understanding of your organization and don’t necessarily allow you … Continue reading

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  • Employee Reflections by Jared Wondra

    Posted on 01.31.2018

    Is your company up to the task of winning the “battle” for top talent? Companies all across the world are looking for new, innovative, and cost-effective ways to attract talent to their organizations. Achilles Group is like no other organization when it comes to Recruiting Effectiveness! We strive in the beginning not only to help … Continue reading

    Posted in Employee Reflections, Recruiting Effectiveness

  • Ready for your business to move forward in 2018?

    Posted on 01.18.2018

    “Don’t look back—you’re not going that way!” We like that phrase; it serves as a reminder to grow from and move past hard times and to keep focused on the path ahead. At Achilles Group we believe Houston is, in fact, moving forward, and a key indicator for us is how much our clients recruiting … Continue reading

    Posted in Fractional HR, Hourly Recruiting

  • Five HR Trends to Watch in 2018

    Posted on 12.20.2017

    With the new year fast-approaching, it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest predicted trends in the world of Human Resources. Many of these are driven by ever-evolving technological advances, but your business still requires that special human touch for success. Some of these predicted trends include: More employees working from home: The … Continue reading

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  • The Great Toy Run!

    Posted on 12.13.2017

    Thanks to the efforts of dozens of generous fishing and boating enthusiasts, and some caring local citizens, more than 1,500 at-risk children on the central coast of Texas will be enjoying a very happy Christmas again this year.  Bill Bahr, one of our Achilles Group associates, and his wife Marci have participated in the annual … Continue reading

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  • Peanuts, Cracker Jacks®, and People Performance

    Posted on 12.04.2017

    When you think about winning teams in professional baseball, the New York Yankees are one of the first teams that come to mind. But have you ever thought about why that is? Maybe lots of great players? Well, while they’ve certainly had many amazing players throughout the years, they’ve also been led by fantastic coaches, … Continue reading

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  • Success Story: Houston Zoo

    Posted on 11.13.2017

    “We reached out to the Achilles Group to assist us when we found ourselves down one person on the HR team with the absence of a Vice President of Human Resources. Because we were in the middle of working on several major projects and did not have enough time or manpower to take care of … Continue reading

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