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  • 5 Tips for Virtual Workforce Engagement

    Posted on 09.22.2017

    Two of the hot topics in business today—employee engagement and workplace flexibility—can often seem at odds in terms of the virtual workforce. As working from home, at client sites, or second locations has increased, this has led to a decrease in employee engagement; however, there’s more to it than mere distance. The number-one reason virtual … Continue reading

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  • How Does Payroll Work in Times of Natural Disaster?

    Posted on 09.20.2017

    As a result of Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding throughout Southeast Texas, many businesses that were forced to closed may be wondering how to handle payroll and PTO issues. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help clear up the confusion: Payroll: Exempt (or salaried) employees: the employer is required by law to … Continue reading

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  • Controversial Overtime Rule Struck Down by District Court

    Posted on 09.13.2017

    A federal court judge in Texas has struck down a controversial overtime change to the Fair Labor Standards Act (or FLSA) put in place by the Department of Labor (DOL) during the Obama Administration. The rule, which was originally scheduled to go into effect last December, was designed to extend overtime pay eligibility for over … Continue reading

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  • Achilles Group has Great Internships Available in Northwest Houston!

    Posted on 09.08.2017

    Achilles Group has Great Internships Available in Northwest Houston! Bring your professional demeanor, solid organization skills, attention to detail and personal computer proficiency and our dynamic and friendly team will equip you with knowledge, skills and experience. At Achilles Group, we provide Fractional HR to our clients in the areas of People Performance, Recruiting Effectiveness, … Continue reading

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  • Changes coming to the EEO-1 Report

    Posted on 09.08.2017

    As announced on August 29th, 2017 by the U.S. Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (or OIRA), the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (or EEOC) is implementing an immediate stay and reviewing of the effectiveness of the pay data collection components of the revised Equal Employer Information Report (as known as the EEO-1 report). Last … Continue reading

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  • Junior Account Representative

    Posted on 09.08.2017

    Junior Account Manager/Sales Role focused on communications, networking and sales for the Achilles Group You believe you have good discovery, networking and sales skills. You recognize the power of collaboration. You want to engage as part of a team rather than as a lone wolf. You need to check us out. You will profile prospective … Continue reading

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  • How to Help Out After the Storm

    Posted on 08.29.2017

    In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that has engulfed Southeast Texas, many managers may be wondering how to support your employees and get your business back up and running. You can see a few tips below: Communication is key. All of your stakeholders (employees, customers, the community, etc.) will need to know … Continue reading

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  • Minimize Your Company’s Risk with a Hands-Free Driving Policy!

    Posted on 08.28.2017

    Recent studies have shown that drivers who use their cell phones while driving—whether holding the phone or using a hands-free device—have a much higher risk of collision than those who do not. In fact, one-in-five car crashes are now related to driver distraction, and texting while driving makes a car accident 23 times more likely … Continue reading

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  • How to Prepare Your Company for Inclement Weather

    Posted on 08.25.2017

    When bad storms occur, your business should be prepared and adapt accordingly. Below are a few tips to help you get ready: 1. Have a plan. What’s your evacuation procedure? How will your employees be informed of office closings? Who’s in charge of shutting everything down? Make sure that everyone receives clear and concise communication … Continue reading

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  • 3 Strategic Alignment Mistakes That Businesses Often Make

    Posted on 08.16.2017

    According to a recent study by The Economist, 89% of people in business say that formulating strategies appropriate for changing market conditions is very important or essential for competitiveness. But to practice effective strategy alignment, you’ll want to remember these three things: Don’t treat your mission, vision, and values as a strategy unto itself. When … Continue reading

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