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  • Success Story: Houston Zoo

    Posted on 11.13.2017

    “We reached out to the Achilles Group to assist us when we found ourselves down one person on the HR team with the absence of a Vice President of Human Resources. Because we were in the middle of working on several major projects and did not have enough time or manpower to take care of … Continue reading

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  • Feedback is a Gift

    Posted on 11.03.2017

    If you were about to take a hike through the wilderness, would you take a compass with you in case you got lost? Of course! And much like a compass helps you find your path in the wilderness, employee feedback helps you find your path in business. Feedback is a gift in business. It may … Continue reading

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  • Humility Is the Key to Rewarding Feedback

    Posted on 11.03.2017

    Seeking feedback from your employees requires both humility and recognizing your own room for growth, your motives are also equally as important.  For example, do you really want to be great at what you do, or do you want to be seen as great? That distinction is important because it requires the willingness to give … Continue reading

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  • How to Receive Feedback with Grace

    Posted on 11.03.2017

    Inviting feedback can be hard enough, but receiving it can be even harder. Any sort of criticism (even constructive) tends to bring out all of our insecurities and defensiveness, but truly great leaders resist this impulse and readily accept feedback with grace and an open mind. It can touch on sensitive areas, but it’s important … Continue reading

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  • Clear, Timely, Focused, Respectful, Feedback

    Posted on 11.03.2017

     “But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good/ Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.” The lyrics to that old blues song perfectly illustrate the importance of communicating your feedback in a clear, timely, focused and respectful manner. The goal is not to tear down your employees but to give them the gift … Continue reading

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  • The Importance of Recruiting Effectiveness at First Presbyterian Church

    Posted on 10.23.2017

    Recruiting the right candidate for your organization doesn’t always mean filling the position with someone similar to the person who you had in the role before. Instead, it should depend on the future direction of the company, so always remember to keep the big picture in mind. Character and experience are just as important as … Continue reading

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  • B2B Sales Representative

    Posted on 10.05.2017

    Achilles Group is looking for a B2B Sales Representative to join our team in Northwest Houston! At Achilles Group, we provide Human Resource Services to our clients in the areas of HR. This position will also maintain and cultivate relationships with current referral partners.Our approach provides flexibility, resources and access to tools, policies and procedures. We … Continue reading

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  • 5 Tips for Virtual Workforce Engagement

    Posted on 09.22.2017

    Two of the hot topics in business today—employee engagement and workplace flexibility—can often seem at odds in terms of the virtual workforce. As working from home, at client sites, or second locations has increased, this has led to a decrease in employee engagement; however, there’s more to it than mere distance. The number-one reason virtual … Continue reading

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  • How Does Payroll Work in Times of Natural Disaster?

    Posted on 09.20.2017

    As a result of Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding throughout Southeast Texas, many businesses that were forced to closed may be wondering how to handle payroll and PTO issues. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help clear up the confusion: Payroll: Exempt (or salaried) employees: the employer is required by law to … Continue reading

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  • Controversial Overtime Rule Struck Down by District Court

    Posted on 09.13.2017

    A federal court judge in Texas has struck down a controversial overtime change to the Fair Labor Standards Act (or FLSA) put in place by the Department of Labor (DOL) during the Obama Administration. The rule, which was originally scheduled to go into effect last December, was designed to extend overtime pay eligibility for over … Continue reading

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