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  • Commitment to Raising the Bar on People Performance

    Posted on 04.16.2018

    At Achilles Group we engage to make a difference through our unique Fractional HR business model, our expertise, teamwork and professionally human approach.  And we take a lot of pride in our commitment to provide encouragement for leaders at every opportunity.  Now before this gets labeled as a soft, indulgent or a touchy-feely approach it … Continue reading

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  • People Performance Drives Profitability

    Posted on 04.09.2018

    At Achilles Group we work hard to impact People Performance as a catalyst for profitability. We have worked with thousands of leaders and seen the good, the bad and at times the ugly impact of poor leadership.  And we are driven to influence every leader we encounter to learn what it takes to become an … Continue reading

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  • How We Set Your Business Up for Success

    Posted on 03.14.2018

    Simply put, leadership is communication, and it’s Achilles Group’s passion to help your leadership communicate better both one-on-one and across your organization to preserve and build upon the best aspects of your business heritage. We understand that vision without accountability and discipline is just hopes and dreams, so we have a team with the knowledge … Continue reading

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  • How Achilles Group Acts as Both Your Teammate and Coach

    Posted on 03.06.2018

    Fundamentally, leadership is all about getting others to follow the course you set with full competency and commitment. However, the challenge of a leader is that you’re often too busy to sit down and engage your team in a way that allows them to understand your goals and align under the same strategy, so it … Continue reading

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  • Is Your Recruiting Strategy Paying Off?

    Posted on 02.26.2018

    So, if your company works really hard to identify your mission-critical talent needs, produces targeted ads, sorts and screens the responses, selects the top candidates, then extends the offer and closes the deal, you’ll be successful, right? No, not necessarily. In fact, more often than not, management teams fail in their recruiting efforts due to … Continue reading

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  • Let Us Help You With The Hard Work!

    Posted on 02.26.2018

    Naturally, most of us in the HR field believe ourselves to be excellent judges of character. Therefore, recruiting and hiring good people shouldn’t be too difficult for us, right? But if that’s true, why do so many companies go to outside agencies to fill their positions? Are they better judges of character than we are? … Continue reading

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  • Effective Recruiting Is More Than Meets the Eye

    Posted on 02.21.2018

    Sometimes you can’t see a problem until someone from the outside points it out, and that’s particularly true in the recruiting process. What may initially be a good recruiting strategy for your company could also slow you down as the company gets larger. We wanted to provide you with an example that you might be … Continue reading

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  • How We Back Up Your Front Line

    Posted on 02.20.2018

    Achilles Group is committed to producing a great market response to your recruiting ads by implementing a well-structured process, a commitment to hire at targeted salary levels, and effective job postings. However, that means our clients must be well-equipped to manage the response pool, conduct interviews, identify top candidates, approve finalist offers, and close the … Continue reading

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  • A Sweet Announcement from Achilles Group

    Posted on 02.13.2018

    On this Special Valentine’s Day, Achilles Group celebrates 16 years of service to our clients. We are very grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and for our talented group of people who make it all possible.  Kristen McGullion is one those amazing people, and she has provided us yet another reason for celebration. … Continue reading

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  • How We Make Recruiting Effectiveness a Key Part of Your Business

    Posted on 02.07.2018

    Every business owner knows how critical it is to attract, hire and keep good people, yet most don’t fully appreciate what it takes to become effective at recruiting. While outside recruiters, headhunters, and temps are often very valuable, they don’t always lend themselves to a deep understanding of your organization and don’t necessarily allow you … Continue reading

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